Airflow Management for Healthcare Facilities – presented by ASHRAE South Carolina Chapter – April 16

ASHRAE South Carolina Chapter welcomes AIAGC to the following lecture by Kishor Khankari to be held at Still Hopes from 6:00-7:00 on April 16:

Airflow Management for Healthcare Facilities 

GBCI Approved | 1 CE Hour | 0920010407
AIA Approved | 1 LU | KHANKARI05

Air is the primary carrier of heat, moisture, and contaminants in health care facilities such as patient rooms, isolation rooms, and operating rooms. The flow path of supply air plays an important role in determining the air velocities, air temperatures, concentration of contaminants, and path of airborne pathogens in these spaces. These factors in turn determine thermal comfort of occupants, indoor air quality, and potential for transmission of airborne pathogens. This presentation will focus on the importance of HVAC configuration on airflow distribution and flow path of airborne contaminants in patient rooms and operating rooms. In addition, this presentation will cover the applications of active chilled beams, radiant heating and cooling, and displacement ventilation in patient rooms.sti-campusmap_directions_rev2_1752821071


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