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AIAGC Professional Development Workshop:
Power and Play
Presenter: Shannon Ivey MFA, AEA

Free to AIA Columbia Members

Free to Graduate Architects (ie Interns)

$10 for non-members

Light refreshment will be provided




February 27

from 4:30pm to 6:00 pm

@ Center for Architecture

1530 Main Street


To be followed by a Happy Hour/YAF even at Hendrix @6pm


AIAGC is pleased to announce the first in a quarterly series of workshops and seminars aimed at providing our membership with career development skills in settings and methods unique from a typical luncheon seminar.  As architects, we seek to transform the ideas and needs of clients both said and unsaid into beautifully defined spaces.  This workshop will seek to push you towards new ways of understanding how we communicate.  We encourage members at any experience level to attend and we also encourage our AIA members to share this opportunity with their non-AIA colleagues.  Read on for more info about this workshop from it’s facilitator!


Program Facilitator Bio: 

Shannon Ivey MFA, AEA, is the founder of the award winning #whatshesaidproject.  From Memphis, TN, Shannon received her undergraduate degree from Mississippi University for Women (the first public women’s college) and an MFA from UNC Greensboro.  She has performed in 48 states thanks to a vibrant career as a professional actor and teacher.  Her professional specialties are first person storytelling (Story Slams) and Theatre of the Oppressed (a form of theatre activism) facilitation.  Shannon is an experienced educator, Tedx speaker, storyteller, and innovator.  She currently resides in Columbia, South Carolina with her 9 year old daughter, Zoe. For more information: 


Workshop Description/Definition:

Theatre of the Oppressed (TO) is a series of interactive games and exercises used in a variety of settings and communities to explore power and oppression.  The main purposes of TO are to become critically aware of oppression and power in relationships, to rehearse alternative solutions for real life, and to ultimately be able to make change for social justice.


Creator Augusto Boal was an international theatre director and activist.  His work, Theatre of the Oppressed, was based on Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed, which helps students critically question social power structures and work toward change.


In any situation, in order to move away from a hierarchical power structure, one must be able to first identify oppressive power structures/processes, then envision a new structure(s), and transition toward change by experiencing/rehearsing the alternatives.  


TO engages in empowered thinking by reflecting on problems and solutions while using the prior knowledge of the participants.


TO is an outgrowth of significant social and political unrest in South America during the 1970’s.  Boal believed that we must all be actors in order to transform society.  He saw the parallel between the traditional presenting of theatre (where the audience is a passive observer) and society (where the few make all the decisions for the many).  By the one major change of empowering audience members to an active role (spect-actors), they were able to participate, make decisions, and even act in opposition to confront real world problems.  Those often unheard and underrepresented now had a medium to communicate and create critical dialogue about the issues they face.  


This experiential workshop is a fun way to explore power dynamics through play. No acting experience needed, just a willingness to have fun and then discuss what you noticed with your peers.

Call for Entries!

Historic Columbia is Now Taking Nominations

for the 2019 Preservation Awards


Historic Columbia is now accepting nominations for its 2019 Preservation Awards. The deadline for nominations is Monday, Feb. 11.

Help Historic Columbia recognize the commendable efforts of citizens of Columbia and Richland County by nominating projects that fall into the following categories:

  • Preservation/Restoration

Historically significant structures restored to their original design and function. Recent recipients: Seegers-Habenicht Building, 4017 Kilbourne Road, 301 South Saluda Avenue, Nickelodeon Theatre

  • Adaptive Use

Structures rehabilitated with sensitivity to the historic fabric that function in a way that is different from its original intent.
Recent recipients: Curtiss-Wright Hangar, Indah Coffee / Circa Barber Shop, The Grand / Robinson Building, The Parker Annex, Studio 2LR / Wilson Upholstery Building, The War Mouth, City Market Antique Mall

  • New Construction in an Historic Context

New buildings in an historic district adjacent to or within existing historic structures that complement the historic context.
Recent recipients: Green Tree House at Wavering Place, Shandon Presbyterian, South Carolina State Museum

  • Preservation Leadership

Nominations in this category will recognize an individual, corporation, governmental agency, community or neighborhood association that has contributed to the advancement of historic preservation in the region.
Recent recipients: Waverly Neighborhood Association, Derek Gruner, Rosie Craig, First Citizens, Martha Fowler

Nominations should be limited to projects completed within the last five years and located in Columbia and Richland County. Only completed projects will be considered. Nominations are due by Monday, Feb. 11. Recipients will be recognized at an awards ceremony on Wednesday, May 1. Nomination forms are available at or by emailing Click here for images from last year’s award ceremony.

About Historic Columbia Foundation:

In November 1961, a small group of individuals intent on saving the Ainsley Hall House from demolition officially incorporated as the Historic Columbia Foundation. Over the next five decades the organization, which was founded on the premise of preservation and education, would take on the stewardship of seven historic properties in Richland County. Today, the organization serves as a model for local preservation efforts and interpretation of local history. Visit or find us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.


Join us!


for the 





[ 1649 MAIN ST. ]


We look forward to seeing you there!

ALL are welcome at YAF meetings, tours, and events, regardless of age/years licensure

Brightwood (formerly Kaplan) ARE 5.0 Study Materials are available on a loan basis through the AIAGC – contact for more information!

ASHRAE South Carolina Chapter welcomes AIAGC to the following lecture by Kishor Khankari to be held at Still Hopes from 6:00-7:00 on April 16:

Airflow Management for Healthcare Facilities 

GBCI Approved | 1 CE Hour | 0920010407
AIA Approved | 1 LU | KHANKARI05

Air is the primary carrier of heat, moisture, and contaminants in health care facilities such as patient rooms, isolation rooms, and operating rooms. The flow path of supply air plays an important role in determining the air velocities, air temperatures, concentration of contaminants, and path of airborne pathogens in these spaces. These factors in turn determine thermal comfort of occupants, indoor air quality, and potential for transmission of airborne pathogens. This presentation will focus on the importance of HVAC configuration on airflow distribution and flow path of airborne contaminants in patient rooms and operating rooms. In addition, this presentation will cover the applications of active chilled beams, radiant heating and cooling, and displacement ventilation in patient rooms.sti-campusmap_directions_rev2_1752821071