AIASC Equity in Architecture Initiative / AIAGC Survey

You may have seen the announcement of the AIASC Equity in Architecture initiative is being launched at this year’s AIASC conference in April where the local board will be represented.  Please assist our board in furthering this initiative by taking a quick survey at the following link:

At the 2015 AIA National Convention, delegates adopted Resolution 15-1, “Equity in Architecture.” Later ratified by the Board, the resolution was envisioned as a call to action for both women and men to realize the goal of equitable practice in order to retain talent, advance the architecture profession, and communicate the value of design to society.

The AIA SC Chapter is launching a new initiative focused on bringing Equity in Architecture (EQiA) to South Carolina.  Inspired by the work of other components throughout the country, EQiA-SC will work statewide in partnership with each of AIASC’s six local sections to advance equity in architecture and ensure that all those entering or currently practicing in the field of architecture have access to the support they need to be engaged members of, and become leaders in, a profession that exemplifies the benefits of equitable practice.

  • Goals
    • develop specific recommendations that will lead to equitable practices
    • create measurable goals and develop mechanisms for assessing ongoing progress
    • present a plan of action based on the commission’s recommendations
  • Areas of focus
    • education and career development
    • marketing and public relations
    • leadership excellence
    • workplace and studio culture
    • better architecture

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