Get those elusive LEED CE Credits!!!

July 20th, 12:00 -1:00, TRANE Office Building

GBCI Course ID:     90007822
Course Level:           300 (Application/Implementation)
Category:                  Project Systems and Energy Impacts

Outdoor Air (i.e. ventilation) is critical to ensuring a productive and healthy indoor environment and is required by building codes and industry standards and is worthy of its own LEED 2009 Credit. In addition, unmanaged Outdoor Air is wasteful and expensive to condition in many regions of the world. This course demonstrates the advantages of measuring and controlling outdoor air intakes versus the traditional approach of relying upon a fixed outdoor air damper position, provides guidelines for the design and resulting control of the airflow monitors, provides a selection criteria for outdoor airflow monitors, and identifies how to apply for the LEED 2009, NC, IEQ Credit 1 – Outdoor Air Delivery Monitoring point using the LEED Online Template.

The goal of this course is to promote the application of outdoor air monitoring and control to improve a building’s indoor environment, pressurization control and energy use.

The target audience for this course is consulting engineers, contractors, owners, facility managers, code officials, architects and LEED project managers with a basic knowledge of HVAC systems.

Learning Objectives:
1.           Compare HVAC Systems With and Without Outdoor Airflow Measurement & Control
2.           Design and Apply Outdoor Airflow Measurement and Control Systems
3.           Prepare and Apply for Outdoor Air Delivery Monitoring LEED Point (LEED2009 IEQ- Credit 1)
4.           Specify Outdoor Airflow Monitors


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