AIA GC Board Members Attend 2011 Grassroots

Keith Sanders, AIA, Kimberly Nelson, AIA, and Justin Abrams, Assoc. AIA, represented the Greater Columbia Section of AIA/SC at the 2011 Grassroots Conference in February.  They, along with other delegates from South Carolina, visited the offices of Joe Wilson, Jim Clyburn, and Jim DeMint to advocate for the following proposals to Congress:

•          Make Credit Available for Building Projects by calling on Congress to pass the Equal Treatment for Covered Bonds Act (H.R. 2896 in the 111th Congress) and Capital Access for Main Street Act of 2010 (H.R. 5249 in the 111th Congress).

•          Eliminate Costly Paperwork Burdens on Small Businesses by urging Congress to pass the Small Business Paperwork Reduction Act, which eliminates the requirement for businesses to file a Form 1099 for every transaction for goods or services worth $600 or more.  **UPDATE:  The Act was passed in Congress while the Grassroots Conference was in session!**

•          Jumpstart the Market for Building Retrofits as an Engine of Economic Growth by urging Congress to increase the Energy Efficient Commercial Building Tax Deduction (26 U.S. Code §179D) from the current $1.80 per square foot to $3.00 per square foot, which would incentivize energy efficiency, particularly for commercial and residential building retrofits.

•          Enact Comprehensive Transportation Reform Now by urging Congress to enact a five-year reauthorization of the federal surface transportation laws in 2011, prioritizing reduction of congestion, helping communities to prosper, and ensuring long-term funding needs are met.

Their visits to Capitol Hill, along with their attendance to leadership workshops and seminars, continue to enrich, support, and promote the success of our local section, state chapter, and national organization.  The Greater Columbia Section of AIA/SC plans to continue to promote participation in this event by sending two delegates to the annual Grassroots Conference next year.”


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